According to study research conducted by the team from CAACOR, it was deduced that young people have organized themselves both individually and in groups with creative and innovative practical projects/ideas aimed at socio-economically and politically uplifting their lives and developing their societies. However, they are lacking to a bigger extent proper institutional structuring, synergy, networking and exposure to opportunities, successful personalities as well as institutions that can support them to fully operationalize, grow and develop to serious income generating ventures, collective voices and sources of alternative employment. That’s where NYRT advance the youth development agenda and coordinate activities and youth policies.

Our Latest Activities


Some of our ongoing works and recently deployed projects in various locations in Kenya [...]

Upcoming Events

We make the youth put out messages that they view as “their fundamental common purpose” [...]

Kenyan Youth

The necessity of the youth pulling together very early in the gestation of their prosperity activities cannot be overemphasized [...]

Our Vision

To perpetuate socio-economic prosperity in Africa through youth dialogue for economic empowerment

Our Mission

To ensure that all young people in Africa between 18 and 35 have the life skills necessary to harness sociopolitical and economic opportunities and have sustainable sources of income.


County Engagements

We work closely with government officials, NGOs and youth groups to put out messages representing their county's common purpose.

Economic Experts

NYRT team includes world reputed speakers with vast experiences in economic development in all the aspects benefiting the youth.

Youth Initiatives

We focus on youth education, running a number of workshops to teach new techniques, showcase improved business methods.


Our role is to review all the business processes of various youth groups, and including the human resource structure.

Why The National Youth Round Tables

Innovates the approach

National Youth Round Tables draws together as well as organize the institutions of best people, best thinking, and best strategies in order to address the critical challenges youth face, contesting the traditional approach of enabling young persons.

Good track record

Our track record of improving the wellfare of people, increasing income, diminishing unemployment, reducing vices, and increasing employement, is why our strategies have a solid backing.

Best practices

We have accumulated the best practices for the targeted youth organizations; Our Partners are knowledgeable of the environments for the respective youth and provides optimum mitigations through the extensive creativity, innovation and experience.